Carolina Sánchez —Colombia—

Carolina Sánchez is a Colombian writer, researcher, and editor living in New Jersey. She has a BA in Philosophy and an MA in Literary Studies from the National University of Colombia. She is the author of the bilingual poetry book Voyage/Viaje (Ultramarina Cartonera & Digital, 2020) that is an intermedial translation from Tarkovsky´s film Stalker into poetry. The book was translated into English by Ariel Francisco. Her creative work has been featured in Corónica, Matera, PoesíaZégel, Temporales and Otro páramo. She co-founded the Colombian independent publishing house Lobo de páramo libros, and is one of the editors of the Plataforma Latinoamericana de Humanidades Ambientales.


I. Escuchar el grito subterráneo contenido en el espiral de piedra. Seguir las huellas de la voz, escucharla envolverse en su propia memoria en su propia lengua hasta el fondo de la concha.


Su propio grito jalándola mientras se desenvuelve.

III. Enrollándose sobre sí misma oscura de inquietud, verbo morado

que se desliza en forma de animal.


I. To hear the subterranean scream contained in the stone spiral. To follow the tread of her voice, hear her wrap herself in her own memory in her own tongue down to the depths of the shell.

II. Her own scream pulling her as it unfolds.

III. Coiling over herself dark with disquiet, purple verb that unfurls in animal form.

Translation by Josué Rodríguez

Poema del libro inédito Amonita / Ammonite

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