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Consuelo Hernández -Colombia/USA-

Consuelo Hernández TAPFNY 2016

Consuelo Hernández: Colombia / USA. She is the author of six poetry collections included: Mi reino sin orillas (2016), Polifonía sobre rieles (2011), Poemas de escombros y cenizas, and Manual de peregrina. She has also published numerous articles on Latin American studies, and two scholarly books on poetry: Álvaro Mutis: Una estética del deterioro, and Voces y perspectivas en la poesía latinoamericana del siglo XX. In 2011 was awarded with the Antonio Machado poetry prize in Madrid Spain. Other honors include: Finalist of the Letras de Oro contest at the University of Miami, finalist of the Ciudad de Melilla International Poetry Contest in Spain, Diploma for her Poetic Work, awarded by the Salvadorian Consulate in New York, being recorded for the Library of Congress. Her poems have been translated to Arabic, English and Italian. She lives in Washington DC.

Catarata somos

Tus ojos plenos de sorpresa verán mujeres esculpidas por la nieve en su glacial espera soñando sin fantasías ni reposo.

Tú también te sentirás catarata pasando por tus cuatro estaciones con tu cuerpo trajinado ya irás atravesando tu verano.

Tú también te despeñarás pero sin repetir monotonías permanentemente caerás en ese infinito borrascoso.

Te pulirás sin amparo ni límites y un día te evaporarás definitivamente como la bruma gris que se levanta

sobre el desfile de vendimias que se llevará tu aliento.

We Are a Waterfall

Your eyes full of surprise will see snow sculptures of women in their glacial wait sleeping without dreaming or resting.

You too will feel like a waterfall tumbling through your four seasons your body going back and forth you will travel through your summer.

You too will cascade down but without repeating monotonously forever you will fall in this tempestuous infinity.

You will become smoother, with no shelter, limitless and one day you will surely evaporate like the gray mist that rises above the parade of vintages carried on your breath.

Translated by Maureen Contreni


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