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Edward van de Vendel -Netherlands-

Edward van de Vendel mostly writes books for young adults and children. His work includes poetry, song lyrics, fiction, picture books and non-fiction. He was born in Leerdam, The Netherlands (1964). He was a teacher in elementary schools before he became a fulltime writer in 2001. His books were awarded with a number of awards, both in The Netherlands and abroad, and he was nominated for the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award (3x). His books are sold to more than fourteen countries. A collection of his poetry for (young) adults was published by A Midsummer Night’s Press press in English under the title The sexy storm (2018).


This Body next to Mine

How can I not be more aware that this body in this bed makes sleep deeper and more beautiful, makes dreams more childlike?

That this body next to mine is a weapon, warm and small, that drives my doubts out into night?

That this body next to mine

is a levee and a flood, that holds back the tide while opening up my shores?

Especially when it doesn’t speak. Especially when it’s safely silent.

I turn over. Your quiet body next to mine. I turn over. I wrap my silent limbs around it. I turn over. Soon we will wake and talk. I turn over. Soon we’ll be alone again.

Translated by David Colmer



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