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Etnairis Ribera -Puerto Rico-

Etnairis Ribera

Etnairis Ribera, Puerto Rico, received the Great Literature Award 2008 for Lifetime Creative Excellence, PEN International-PR. Her work has been translated into English, Italian, French, Portuguese, Catalonian, Swedish, Arabic. She participates in international literature events and publishes in the Americas, Europe and Asia. Among her books: A(MAR)ES, Ariadne of the Water, The birds of the goddess, Memoirs of a Poem and its Apple, Intervened, The voyage of the Kisses. Ph. D. and Full Professor of Hispanic Literature, University of Puerto Rico. Thesis: Mystical Poetics of Francisco Matos Paoli, author who wrote the introduction to her youth book Pachamamapa Taki (Song of Mother Earth), written in the Andes. She conducted the Puerto Rican Institute of Culture Poetry Workshop (2001-2002). Cultural activist, she leads the event   Caribbean Poetry and is a founding member of the International Poetry Festival of Puerto Rico. Editor of Dawning, Anthology in Homage of Julia de Burgos Centennial.

El hilo

Aquel laberinto lame sus adoquines. Descubre el himen y el espejo de unos lazos.

En la vieja ciudad, Ariadna pasa entre sus muslos el hilo antes de entregarlo como un mapa

y brinda por un nómada corazón, por la esmeralda, por las huellas encendidas del tigre.

El carnaval cuelga de los balcones, mitad incógnita, mitad de un viaje en el asombro.

The Thread

That labyrinth licks its cobblestones. It discovers the hymen and the mirrors of some laces.

In the old city, Ariadne passes the thread between her thighs before rendering it like a map and toasts to a nomad heart, to the emerald, to the  tiger’s shining footprints.

The carnival hangs from the balconies, half unknown, half of an amazing voyage.


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