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Gladys Montolio —Dominican Rep.—

Gladys Maria Montolio was born in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. Montolio is the founder and president of The Latin American Cultural Heritage Inc., (LACUHE) a non-profit organization that promotes Latin American art and culture in New York. She also founded the editorial LACUHE Ediciones, which is responsible for helping social writers who wish to publish their work. She has published books like Vivencias (2007), Arcoiris de inocencia (2011), El oso pintor y otras fábulas (2016), Inmensidad (2017) and compiled the Poetic Collection LACUHE 2017; starting an annual anthology series that already has the LACUHE 2021 poetry collection and is preparing for 2022. She was awarded the “Cultural personality of the year” in 2008 for the first Latin American Cultural meeting in the city of New York.


La tarde único testigo mirada cósmica e inquisidora la envolví la hice mía con la necesidad de un mendigo cualquiera esperé degusté la mañana que me ofreció lágrimas de placeres perversos sombrearon el ocaso me ahogué sentí como si no quisiera emerger.


The afternoon the only witness a cosmic and inquisitive gaze I wrapped it up and I made it mine with the need of any beggar I awaited tasted the morning that offered me tears of perverse pleasures they shadowed the sunset I drowned and I felt as if I never wanted to emerge.

Translated by Carmen Dinorah Coronado

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