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Gustavo Gac-Artigas

Chilean writer, poet, playwright, who lives in the U.S. following twelve years in exile in Paris and a failed attempt to return to Chile in 1985, and a second exile in the Neterlands. A corresponding member of the Academia Norteamericana de la Lengua Española (ANLE), his poetry has appeared in literary magazines: RANLE, Multicultural Echoes (CSU-Chico), Enclave, (CUNY), Fonoteca de poesía, Revista Kametsa, and in several anthologies. Most recent publications: hombre de américa/man of the americas (Nueva York Poetry Press, 2020) and deseos longings j’aimerais tant (Ediciones Nuevo Espacio, 2020) a trilingual poetry collection.

Awards: Poetry Park (1989), Rotterdam, for “Dr. Zamenhofstraat”, lyrical prose; first runner up: International Latino Book Award 2018, best fiction book in translation Spanish/English, for And All of Us Were Actors, a Century of Light and Shadow, translation: A. Labinger.



que debía cambiar la forma de mirar mi universo

que debía cambiar la forma de mirar mi vida

que debía borrar mi pasado

que debía ignorar mi presente

que debía regresar del futuro

decidí que era la hora de mi muerte

y decidí ahogarme en un verso


i decided

that i should change the way i observe my universe

that i should change the way i look at my life

that i should efface my past

that i should ignore my present

that i should return from the future

i decided that it was time to die

and resolved to drown in a verse


escribo para ti

sin conocerte

escribo para ti

para encontrarme

escribo sobre el viento

sin poner un remitente


i write for you

without ever having met you

i write for you

to find myself

i write on the wind

with no return address  

razón de ser

¿cuál es el sentido de mis versos?


el viento


dio vuelta la página

raison d’être

what is the meaning of my verses?

i asked

the merciful wind

turned the page

Translations: Priscilla Gac-Artigas

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