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Hussein Habasch -Kurdistan-


I don’t Care How or Where I Die

I rest my head on the rock of the oblivion! Like a chorus I echo the saddest song as follow: I don’t care if die poor, or poorer than the poorest persons of the world my two children are eating apple, and chewing on pomegranate seeds This is the most important.

I don’t care if I die, then I woke up walking alone in my funeral. I do not care if I never wake up My Two children are whispering in joy and happiness as if they were two lovers and this is the most Important!

Sargon Bolus had passed away in Berlin alone as he always alone, Totter in the brink of death as if he was a drunken Angel he was sick!

As a forgotten Prince, Kamal Sabty died in a sofa in his home in Holland,

Ageel Ali had passed away in a sidewalk, as if he was formed to be the crown of all the homeless.

Mahmoud Albreekan was killed by a knife of a thief, he was a lighthouse guiding the pirates to his penniless pocket

Then why should I care if I die in a bar, ballroom, cabaret or in a whore’s arms in a brothel! My two children are eating French fries with mayonnaise. And this is the most important.

I don’t care if I will die drowned, incinerated, strangled, butchered Or committed suicide by carbon monoxide like my sister Sylvia Plath! I do not care if I will be put to death in my birthday like my brother Delshad Meruwani the strange angel of Kurdistan!

I don’t care if I will die hungry, imprison or under the wheels of a reckless train Like my spiritual twin Attila József. I don’t care if I would be murdered by the hands of a mobs like Lorca Or hanged like Hassan Mutlak, Dabada of Baghdad. More importantly, my two babies are okay! And I write simple farewell love poems Inspired by the flirtation of the waitresses and the beautiful young girls, passing in front of the cafe

My two children are playing My daughter combing her Barbie’s hair And my son is riding his tiny motorbike This is the most important.

I don’t care if I will be stabbed by a treacherous knife or by a dose of venom like my uncle Socrates. I don’t care if my death would occur in Athens, Berlin, Beirut, Damascus, London, Madrid or beautiful Washington!! Cities are similar Death is a wanderer dog, prowling along the skylines! My children are rolling a ball -like planet, and seem fantastic This is the most important.

I don’t care if I die homeless in exile, achy, sad or drunk Or bitten by friends’ tusks like most of the poets It is important that in this moment I’m listening to Maria Callas Deep down my inner self is moisten by her melodious voice!

And my two children slept innocently amazing This is the most important.

I don’t care if I stutter with drivelling, or sailing the madness swirl Like my companion Cioran Roaming the night from the insomnia, Putting my fate in hands of the coldness and the delirium

My two children smiling in theirs sleep, dreaming, perhaps about birds or butterflies this is the most important.

I don’t care if I live or die! No different!

Death is the departure of the soul, I lost my soul a long time ago in the forests of the oblivion. Why should I care now! I don’t Care!

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