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Jacqueline Herranz Brooks (Cuba)

Jacqueline Herranz Brooks (Havana, Cuba, 1968) is a poet, storyteller, visual artist and Spanish instructor. She has published the poetry collection Liquid Days (TribalSong, Argentina, 1997), the short story collection Escenas para Turistas (Editorial Campana, NYC, 2003) and the novel Mujeres sin Trama (editorial Campana, NYC, 2011). Her writing has been included in anthologies in Spain, Venezuelam, Cuba and USA. In her most recent exhibit, entitled Maldita Pared: Fotografía y Texto. Cuba / New York, at Miller Gallerie (Jamaica Center for the Arts and Learning), confronting text and images Jackeline explores the fictionalization of memory. She teaches Spanish at York College and BMCC (CUNY). She is also pursuing doctoral studies in Hispanic and Luzo-Brazilian Literatures and Languages at the Graduate Center (CUNY). Exercise: It expands the physical movement of the illicit drugs but the illegal medicine trade is going on as usual by the joint partnership of pharmacists viagra 100 mg and duplicate drug manufacturers. viagra canada deliver Magnesium and potassium are the big players in the past for building their muscles. When price of cialis blood is not reached to those parts sufficiently then erection doesn t occurs and if some how you manage it does not lasts for more than 10 minutes. Doctors always prescribe price of sildenafil as the best and effective disease to ensure a complete cure of this disease. In her most recent project (Poetry on the street) she pastes texts in walls around NYC and publishes (electronically) images showing the spaces where they have been displayed.

Jacqueline Herranz Brooks (la Habana, Cuba, 1968) es poeta, narradora, artista visual e instructora de español. Ha publicado el poemario Liquid Days (TribalSong, Argentina, 1997), la colección de relatos Escenas para Turistas (Editorial Campana, NYC, 2003) y la novela Mujeres sin Trama (editorial Campana, NYC, 2011). Sus textos han sido publicados también en diversas antologías en España, Venezuela, Cuba y Estados Unidos. En su más reciente exposición personal interactiva titulada Maldita Pared: Fotografía y Texto. Cuba / New York, en la galería Miller de JCAL (Jamaica Center for the Arts and Learning), Jacqueline explora los procesos de ficcionalización de la memoria confrontando imagen y texto. Jacqueline enseña español en York College y BMCC (CUNY) y está estudiando el doctorado en el programa Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian Literaures and Languages en el Graduate Center de NY. Su más reciente proyecto (Poesía en la calle) consiste en pegar textos en las calles de Nueva York y publicar, de manera virtual, las imágenes que muestran los espacios donde estos textos han sido ubicados.


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