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Keisha-Gaye Anderson -Jamaica-


Everything is Necessary

every thing is necessary, required to be

is just is

how you see is up to you

are you pink and green caladium, a field of hearts in bloom, bowing beneath the rust/gold gown of a redwood tree?

or are you misery?

a spirit cemented to the stone walls of its temple, crumbling and crashing onto every mirror that enters

forgetting that all you are is We, a thousand-petal flower rocking

in the breeze called time

the symphony of lives is merely one second one breath to the great mind dreaming these colors and every shape that blooms in galaxies

your mission is to see know that this is one cradle and we are an infant with infinite eyes we are dancing droplets fallen from the sky that speaks every thing into a whirlpool a black spool of sound

that moves us like the ecstasy of lovers becoming one body one melody

you are to sing until you have no more breath enjoy this vantage point now

the only death is insisting that your eyes stay shut see clearly before time’s up

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