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Khédija Gadhoum -Tunisia-

Khédija Gadhoum


until the bell went silent

Let America be America again. Langston Hughes

step by step by step lost in the mist of history the hours. like melting dreadlocks. an ordinary day.

we build imperfect walls for perfect clocks. we dwell in —-b—-a—-r—-b—-e—-d—-w—-i—-r—-e—-d—- communities apart (-theid) from visible ghosts. a perfect amnesia made for who we are (not).

the dissonant bell chimed loud and naked like a past tense trained for the ecstasy of dawn. the bell kept drilling eternal melodies bleeding peace for blizzards of rage across the street black lives matter exceeded the supremacy of NO.

in trance the martyrs stood still in Charleston. in the hot summer of wicked consciousness. in conclusion MAN embraced its civil petals of mercy.

in the blackness of our dreams. the south is another America.

No. we will not stop counting the rainbow colors in every gospel… keep on counting your blessings…“blessed to be a blessing!” let dreams inhabit silence. the mortal choir is Charleston.

free at last.


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