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Lea Díaz

Lea Diaz is a poet, artist and an academic. She has painted, played the piano and written poetry and fiction since she was a little girl. Lea has already published two books of poetry, and her poems have been collected in literary journals such as “And Then”, “The Independent Literary Review, “Contemporary Literary Horizon”, “ViceVersa”, Hybrido, among others. She has participated in readings and literary events at McNally Jackson Books, the New York Public Library, the Bowery Poetry Club, the Poetry Project, the Spanish Benevolent Society and the NYC Poetry Festival. Lea is engaged in activism and has presented contributions in conferences and panels, advocating for the role the arts play in democratic systems and developing the notion of “creative democracy”. Lea deeply believes in poetic action, in the transformative nature of Poetry: Poetry can make each of us a better person and, thus, a better world.

Blue Path

I wander in that blue path of your gaze

Like a hypnotised silhouette that falls in your arms

Blue path. Always blue

It heads to a private place that belongs to us

I long for it as much as I avert it

It is the bright day without clouds or concerns

Simply us laying on the yellowy grass in the park

It is the bewitching night as the sparkles of the stars slip through your window

And softly illuminate our entangled bodies

Blue path. Always blue

It is also the storm, the gusts of your absences, the detachment, your fears

That make me stumble. I stagger, I fall apart

And I start over again. I return to the blue labyrinth of your gaze

Absent, oblivious, mesmerised

In a swing of bright days and moments

Of sorrow, silent torture.

Like an invisible drill that does not cease to pierce me

Gradually, subtly

Pendulum life, meaningless

Trapped in your blue pupil

In its irregular, whimsical shine …

I beg you not to close your eyes: I would collapse

I dreamed of you today

I saw your shadow through the pale curtains

Evanescent like a winged angel

Your eyes glittered in the darkness

Calm ocean embracing a mermaid in the close night

You, creature I have long desired

Creature of that other life

Sometimes so real

The story of a nameless woman farming crops of wheat

Now and then

You have lived in me, with me

Fields of immaculate horizons, lonely beaches, deep blue seas

I was waiting for the extraordinary:

For the eternal orchids that blossom in the early snows

For the springs of water that flow in the dessert

Around which an oasis is formed

For your eyes and mine

Staring, unveiling the mystery

Unaware of the rest of the world

I dreamed of you today

And recognized the colours of that other life,

Imagined, fantasized and craved,

Which became so real and true

Once I was with you.

The Lonely Man

His eyes shine like the surface of the sea

On a clear morning

When the sun illuminates the peaceful water

And makes every shade glow with gold

His hair is white

And looks even whiter after the tan skin

That comes from restless walks with the purpose of survival

As the birds seek for fruits, berries, seeds

He is sitting on a bench a bit distant from the people

From the kids in the playground, from local musicians playing drums

His yellow shirt has lost its brightness

The lonely man is smiling all the time

He is carrying some packages

He opens a plastic bag and calls his friends: sss, sss

He throws his heart up in the air. It expands in million particles

A rain of bread and peanuts covers the grey path hiding the dirt

The man is not lonely

The magic creatures of the park,

The squirrels, the doves, the cats

Have come closer and closer

They look at him

As if asking for more grain

They eat gracefully in his hands and gather around him

Circle of Hope, Togetherness

A gift of affection is floating among the branches and the cement

The sparkle of ingenuity unfolds

The tender expression in his lips, generous for the company

For the sharing, for the full conversation without words

The man stands up. He marches slowly

He turns his ashen head to glance at his peculiar community

He keeps smiling. Halo of content

The man finally leaves: he is back again in the realm of childhood.

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