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Maryam Alikhani -Iran/USA-

Maryam Alikhani TAPFNY 2016

Trees – a Ghazal

No matter where I go, I thrive, line by line like plane trees I am ancient and deep, root by root like baobab trees

I have plenty of uses, like three hundred and sixty I am a heritage, seed by seed like coconut trees

I am honorable though some say “a tree is a tree” I live honest and modest, bark by bark like redwood trees

I beat the tallest species, by some five hundred feet And I am healing, leaf by leaf like eucalyptus trees

Cherish me as much as Al-Badawi in the West Bank I am a symbol for peace, branch by branch like olive trees

I enlighten you as Siddhartha. Come, live in my shade Then take me to your after life, twig by twig like fig trees

No one has ever heard of my death neither have you; for I live tall, mighty, proud, trunk by trunk like sequoia trees

Write me like ancient Persians, or modern, like Maryam Read me; remember me, word by word like evergreen trees


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