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Maryam Alikhani -Iran/USA-

Maryam Alikhani face and logo 2015


My poems do not promise anything I only compose my world as it happens. Kiss me word by word Touch me line by line I do not need to mean, but to be, like a poem.

Read me in every context that melts on your tongue. I speak the language of the moment. Track me; I have no past. Trust me, there is no future. Do not disturb my imagery of the universe.

My red planet is a rolling stone That does not revolve around any sun. It crosses your system once in a blue moon Not denying the chemistry between us!

Join me in my oval orbit Ovulating stars that have no gravity Galaxies that have no memories of big bang. Do not try to swallow me like a black hole Or you will always remain dark.

We can destroy the old world in six days Take a rest on the seventh day Then order a new genesis for two infinite gods Absolutely guilt free.

My cosmology has no chronology It just happens at this moment. I am not playing Emily Dickinson Or Forough Farokhzad I am just trying to recompose myself.


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