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Monica Carrillo Zegarra -Peru-

Mónica Carrillo Zegarra face and logo 2015

A Cimarrona’s Runner (A Runaway Maroon)

Run, jump, scratch You got to the mountain You swam the river The green of the Pajaro Bobo Envelopes you There’s no jungle here As in Palmares Nor the rivers Of Emerald Here the pampas Sticks the dust In your nose…

Where should I go if there’s a mountain range Or a horizon that discovers me?

I trust and pray I drill the hill Make up a haven But don’t come back I first assault Scare or murder Eat up my crap And am well fed

The hound barks Smells my steps I can’t even Retain my breath I leave it all Right in the way So that when it Bites at my haunch It can’t pick out My slave body ‘Cause if I die Between its teeth I will die free Not “freed slave” Thanks to some mercy.

He already fled Without return Perhaps he awaits me And dreams of seeing me,

(Maybe the leg The hound fetched Back to the farm Wasn’t his leg

Maybe destiny Will come with us, The hound barks There’s no jungle here The hill is low I reached a river That’s seaward bound…

I can’t go on! I can’t go on!!! Too many days And there’s no strength, My sweet Orula … Why do you take me So hopelessly? Is there no solace In this life? I see the sky Tormented By my departure

Oru Orula Oru Oru Orula Don’t be cruel Caress her Orula Don’t be cruel Orula…

There’s a cliff And I slide down Knead the mud While I crawl There’s no more silence I hear chants… Hope comes back I can see fire…

It’s a palenque Receiving me And there he is, There’s a gap Below his knees

(The leg the dog Snatched away)

But he’s always waiting For me on his feet Just like the trees Just like a warrior Under a mask Of tree trunk made.

Now I’m not alone, Now I’m not alone, I’ve got my axé


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