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Nancy Mercado -USA/Puerto Rico-


Epilogue for the 21st Century

And the demon took possession of the nation Leading it by the nose in circles Engaging in topsy-turvy talk Weaving and unstitching gnarls of lies Dangling morsels of doubletalk and innuendos And the nation jumped In attempts to capture those morsels If only for a second To distill them into reality To identify them as black or white But the demon kept changing the meaning of all things Kept morphing his empty shell Of broken bits of shinny chards And the nation contorting and heaving Drowned in a melee of arguments And weapons And hurricanes And earthquakes And wildfires And special reports On the evening news While the demon’s henchmen Went out into the world And defiled the rivers Defiled the women Defiled the poor Defiled all the good creatures of the earth They were hell-bent Maniacal in their derangement

They were the leaders of the free world.



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