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Regina Jamison -USA-

Regina Jamison TAPFNY 2016

Butterfly King –Heroic Ballad –

Weightless, through monsoon rains gale winds you fly persistent, valiant, you personify the hero. Milkweed, Common Tiger, names you are called, but Monarch fits you best of all. Butterfly King, high and free, the view to you all blues and greens, this life you love falls on your wings, orange and black catch the eye you, catch the current then way up you fly

East of the Rockies, south to Mexico no memory no map but off you go fat in your belly, cold air burns your wings late summer comes, time to pack up your things each struggles alone ’til the very end three thousand miles just to hook up with friends down in Mexico, time to celebrate el Diá de los Muertos don’t be late smiles on faces watch as you darken the sky too many to count so don’t even try souls of warriors, children – their spirits anew we flower their graves, chant blessings for you who give us this honor but once a year then journey back north, how you persevere Butterfly King, you’re a hero to me.


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