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Roy Clary -USA-

Roy Clary lives in New York City. He is an actor, theatre director, teacher, and writer. Theatre credits include working in New York and in major theatres across the United States.  In 2012, he was nominated as Best Featured Actor in an off-off-Broadway play.  He has lectured at various theatre conferences including ones at the University of Illinois and the Black Hills Teachers College.  He teaches at Quest which is a learning community for adults and a division of studies at the Center for Worker Education at City College.  His literary work includes poems, short stories, and plays.


Father/Mother/Son My father had a straight razor With a long silver blade And a curved crimson handle.

Some mornings I would watch him

Prepare to remove the Night’s growth of whiskers.

He grasped the crimson handle And sharpened the silver blade On a big black belt.

One day I happened to see Mother in her slip with Hands held high as Father shaved her underarms.

Their smiles of intimacy stay With me still.



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