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Saul Gomez Mantilla. Colombia, 1978. Professional in literary studies. Master in Literary Creation. Reading and creative writing promoter He directs the alternative editorial Épica Editions.

He has published poetry books: Travel Ideas, (2004); Oblivion Lesson (2007); Face that is not found (2009); Love and the word (2012); Arid landscapes of memory, anthology (2017); Another Empty Attempt (2018); Days of May, anthology, (2021). Days of confinement, fictional graphic diary, (2022); Cracks at night, (2022).

Recognitions: National Prize for Young Poetry, XI and XVI International Poetry Festival of Medellín, (2001 and 2006); Nominated by Colombia for the bridges of Struga World Poetry Prize, (2010); National Poetry Award Carlos Hector Trejos Reyes, (2019); Selected by Colombia for the exhibition Parentesis. Stories from uncertainty, AECID, (2021); National Essay Award Pentagon for recitals, (2022). International Circulation Scholarship for Writers, Min Cultura, (2023).


Un cuerpo que revienta

todos los días a una nueva entrega

un abandonarse en otra piel.


A body that bursts

every day to a new delivery

an abandonment in another skin.


Palabras que permiten la vida

alunizar en los ojos de una mujer

en cuyo rostro

todas las mujeres



Words that allow life

landing on the eyes of a woman

in whose face

all the women



La esperanza cobija al nuevo libro

una mujer surge a cada página

en cada muerte de capítulo

el cuerpo espera un estallido.

I long

Hope shelters the new book

a woman appears on every page

in every death of chapter

the body expects an outburst.


Encontrarse con el libro

entre sus páginas

línea a línea

la salvación de la noche.


meet the book

between its pages

line to line

the salvation of night


De qué forma el libro nos altera

nos atraviesa

somos otros

al pasar la página

—otros ojos nos miran al dormir—


How the book transform us

crosses us

we are others

when turning the page

—when we sleep other eyes look at us—

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