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Yoseli Castillo Fuertes –Dominican Rep./USA-


Would You Marry Me?

My parents married different people a few times Some were scammers, some didn’t qualify Until finally there was a perfect man for Mami and a perfect US citizen for dad Because of them my parents continue loving each other on this land. Asks the trans woman in the detention center in El Paso, Texas. Would you save my life, give me a new one, love me forever? Would you protect me from the rapists, the killers? Would you darling, make me your citizen?

Would you marry me? Now you can, now we can be a real marriage We can have kids, a girl you, a boy me You’ll adopt my son and I’ll adopt your daughter And we’ll work and get a home and we’ll love home and we’ll be and love and We will live and dance the four of us, like a real, socially acceptable family.

Would you marry me? Screamed the 59,000 temporarily not so protected Haitians in danger of being sent back to die? Would you marry one of them? What would happen if the 100,000 hurricane-displaced Puerto Ricans said yes!

Would you marry me?


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