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Keisha-Gaye Anderson -Jamaica/USA-


This somnambulism this life in objects this riding the rapids of currency gorging on a daily glut of screens that train sight to shrink see in 2D hypnotizes scatters me, severed from the cause now, so distant, I can’t recall the descent into this bramble this circuit of drills for a war drawn into my skin I need a different kind of being above the rainbow under the well spring within every drop of warm ocean mist I miss the knowing that can see through and still remember its way back home fold effortlessly into the music that makes mountains and orchids holds the fullness of black night in place so that we may at once wake up go in feel the grandeur of whole of stillness of being of the the point of performance that moves across the grid through years and voices just to find a mirror and remember yes, I am everything and I am enough


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