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Keisha-Gaye Anderson (Jamaica-USA)

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Keisha holds a B.A. from Syracuse University’s Newhouse School and College of Arts and Science and an M.F.A. in Creative Writing from The City College, CUNY. For the past ten years, Keisha has worked as a higher education communications and marketing manager. She lives in Brooklyn, NY with her husband and two children.

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Keisha-Gaye Anderson nació en Jamaica, es poeta, escritora creativa y guionista. Es autora de la colección de poesía de próxima aparición Gathering the Waters (Jamii Publishing, Diciembre 2014). Sus escritos han aparecido en colecciones, antología y revistas como Renaissance Noire, The Killens Review of Arts and Letters, Small Axe Salon, Streetnotes: Cross Cultural Poetics, African Voices Magazine, Mosaic Literary Magazine, Captured by the City: Perspectives on Urban Culture, Poems on the Road to Peace: A Collective Tribute to Dr. King, Sometimes Rhythm, Sometimes Blues: Young African Americans on Love, Relationships, Sex, and the Search for Mr. Right, the Mom Egg, Caribbean in Transit Arts Journal, Women Writers in Bloom Poetry Salon blog y Bet on Black: African American Women Celebrate Fatherhood in the Age of Barak Obama. También es fundadora de Poets for Ayiti.

Keisha recibió un pregrado de la Universidad de Syracuse en el Newhouse School and College of Arts and Science y una maestría en escritura creativa de The City College, CUNY. Desde diez años, ha trabajado como administradora de mercadeo y comunicaciones en educación superior. Vive en Brooklyn con su esposo y sus dos hijos.


Well… you wanted to look into the dark, didn’t you?

So, don’t curse these eyes We gave them to you

And sent you to straighten the bends in these steel tracks that link all our names rusted under salt water buried beneath bundles of cane

Sing songs into candle flame for these bones of mine that now reach through you stand you into six feet of woman

They have not forgotten how to brace against the lash and bend backward for the bembe

Each day We move with you can’t you hear?

We are riding the rhythm that beats these words through your center

You beg us to enter but We never left We is Me is You is Us all now together since forever

We laugh and lift your sight toward sea shells star shine sleeping poetry in every alley and pissed on corner

We tune your ears to the footfall of predators who clutch your breasts in the blindness of their thoughts stroke their loneliness to the bow line of your lips

You wanted to know not believe

So see it all here now be Our telescope and chart the course to home

Build a ladder with these visions that lift Us up one by one hand over hand after-birth to under dirt

We listen with you roll slow up this mountain that needed us to tumble down break ground move things

So, look here: Kill your fear open these eyes pull Us back together march us home

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