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Mireya Perez-Bustillo -USA/Colombia-


Depth of Field

It was looking at Mami’s arms- so thin now- but in their length it was almost a photograph of Maya’s arms and mine- all a progression of long arms and the similar hands on the ends- groomed nails, nail polish just so- and the two of us getting manicures because she wanted to be well-groomed for the trip back home

And Maya’s long fingers so clever, so able to solve anything opening bottles, driving a paintbrush or a pencil to create what astonishes me, fingers flying all the time just like Karina’s capable fingers so at ease chopping onions, seasoning salmon or petting her baby of a cat and I’m connected to all these hands and here I am writing this and it’s my fingers doing it and how good it feels to have a pen in my hand and how frustrated I am when I have now writing implement. The other thing is to stroke the cheek and temple of a lover slowly just feeling, not seeing except with my fingertips.


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